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Bathroom Remodeling Tips To Reduce Cost

Bathroom remodeling can be a successful project without racking up a huge bill. Follow these simple tips to lower the cost and still get a stunning bathroom.

1. Plan and prep

Always have a plan before undertaking any project. Getting the help of professionals such as an interior decorator or architect is always worth it. They can help you with the design, timeline, and implementation, thus giving you plenty of bang for your buck.

2. Pre-order and predetermine items

Budgets can easily skyrocket if homeowners only start choosing materials when the remodeling project is already underway. Backordered items may force the homeowner to buy an alternative at a higher price. Waiting for the orders may entail additional fees for the tradespeople working on the project.

3. Consider if you can repair instead of replace plumbing fixtures

The plumbing system is a vital part of the bathroom. Moving just one faucet may entail major plumbing works, which can be very costly. It is better to work with existing plumbing, unless its no longer functional. For example, if your toilet is still functioning properly, you can upgrade its look by changing the toilet seat and lid instead. This will save you the cost of buying and installing a new toilet. 4. Update your mirror

To update your bathroom mirror and have it match the remodeling, try framing it. This can help hide any flaking or chipping around the edges as well.

5. Go for tile alternatives

Tiles can be costly with the added fees of a professional tile setter. Your bathroom can have a unique and interesting look by using alternatives to tiles on the bathroom walls. You can use bead boards, board and batten, or reclaimed wood panels. Some smooth river stones or even bricks may work just as well.

6. Opt for open shelves

If you have a small bathroom, open shelves can help create the illusion of a larger space. Aside from being cheaper than closed cabinets, open shelves are also easier to put in place. 7. Shop for leftovers

Check out sites such as eBay or Craigslist for people who are selling their leftover materials from remodeling and construction projects. These extras are often sold at much cheaper prices.

Your bathroom remodeling project does not need to be pricey if it is carefully planned and the materials are prepared in advance. Follow the above mentioned tips and go here to learn more about how to spruce up your bathroom and increase your homes value without hurting your bank account.


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