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Double Glazed Bay Windows

Double Glazing Sheffield

Windows are an integral part of our connection to the outside world when we are inside our homes. They allow us to see out, to let fresh air in, and much more. However, you want to choose windows that not only look good but are energy efficient and double glazed bay windows are the perfect choice. Heres what you need to know. What are Double Glazed Bay Windows?

A bay window is a window that is made up of a central window parallel to the house and two windows that come off the side of this central window at an angle. The bay window provides additional space inside the room, and you can even install window seats inside them, so that you can sit inside and gaze out the windows. Bay windows can be fixed (picture) windows, top hung, casement, or double hung. They can be made from all materials including timber, aluminium and PVC.

Double glazed windows are fitted with double glazing for its insulation properties and energy efficiency. Double glazing is a type of glazing that is made up of two panes of glass that are separated by a space that is filled with air or another similar non toxic gas. The gap in between the glass panes can range from 6mm to 20mm or more, and the larger the gap, the more energy efficient the window will be. Benefits of Double Glazed Bay Windows

Of course, the biggest benefit of using double glazed bay windows in your home is the energy efficiency that they provide. You will find that by switching from single to double glazing, you will reduce heat transmission through the glass significantly, making the inside of your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The insulating effect of double glazing means that you will save large amounts of money on your heating and cooling bills. You may be surprised to know that as well as thermal insulation, double glazed bay windows are also great for sound insulation.

Double glazed bay windows are also incredibly attractive and turn your windows into a real feature. You can place a window seat or a couch inside the room just in front of the window and gaze out into the outside world without feeling too hot or cold. You also have an option of window coverings to suit these windows so you can do whatever you want.


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