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Energy Conservation Begins At Home

Most Americans would appreciate saving both money and energy. The primary areas for doing this is in our driving (vehicles) and in our home energy costs.

In many ways the rest of the world needs to catch up to what Americans are doing, but in some ways we Americans can take a lesson from our neighbors. For instance, a common experience in Europe is little known or experienced in the U.S., wall hung boilers. Another common experience for our central and southern American neighbors is electric coil shower heaters. Some Americans are trying these long experienced devices for the first time and saving energy while doing so.

These wall hung boilers are fully modulating. That means they start at a high energy output and then gradually reduce that input until the desired temperature is reached. Thats when the boiler will automatically close off and everyones needs have been met. The energy conservationist is glad it didnt last long, the home economist is glad it didnt cost as much, the environmentalist is glad the green print is larger than the emission to the ozone, and the home owner gets the temperature comfort desired.

These boilers can be fired by natural gas or propane. They are as compact as a storage cabinet and will save square footage for both living and storage. In many cases the use of these boilers has saved fifty percent in usage and in dollars. These things have the Energy Star certification and have earned the American Gas Association approval with an H-stamp rating for operating efficiency.

One of the greatest conveniences is how quiet they run. Some homeowners have even installed these boilers in a large closet within the master bedroom. In-floor radiant heating systems make use of these boilers and the compatibility with U.S. air handlers, baseboard or wall radiators has not been a discouraging issue.

Many Americans have begun using tankless water heaters that are mounted to the outside of a home or in an attic or utility room. These tankless heaters receive the water and carry it through an intensely heated electric coil and straight to the hot water tap in any sink. There is no need to constantly heat a tank of water and then send it to the tap while waiting for the water to heat to a desired temperature. This obviously is less wear and tear on the unit, less likely to allow water leaks, and amazingly more efficient in decreasing the continual need to keep an amount of water near heated level upon demand.

When in a crunch and able to make use of an inconspicuous window opening, can help you to remodel the space for a wall hung boiler or tankless water heater and still save room for a window access to the out of doors.

Lets do what we can to help save home energy and the worlds environment.


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