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Fence Staining

Whenever you are staining a fence you will need to have materials that are quality and a proper way to apply the stain to your product and these things will ensure that youre stained fence looks as good as new for years to come.

The only time that a fence is painted is normally when it has been painted before. When a fence is stained, the staining is accomplished by working with absorption so, it becomes a part of the wood. When a fence is pained, the paint just sits on top of the wood and will eventually peel, flake and break because it is not a part of the natural makeup of the fence. For those that really just like the way a painted fence look, they can look into getting a solid stain for the fence that resembles painting but is a more permanent way that will not cause it to break, peel or flake.

The prepping process is very important no matter what you choose to do to your fence. No matter which you choose for your fence the very first thing that needs to be done is for your fence to be cleaned. The best way to clean your fence is to wash your fence with a power washer where the minimum psi is 2400. For those that dont own a power washer, you can always go to a store that has them for rent and rent one if you are not interested in buying one. If you have never power washed before, it is a good idea to watch someone do it first because it isnt as easy as it looks as far as the technique. Without the proper technique you could damage your fence so much so that you might need to have it replaced.

Should your fence be a painted fence then you need to clean your fence before you do anything else to it and then give it a day or two for it to dry entirely and then you have to scrape the paint that is loose off of the fence. You shouldnt be surprised if your fence has some spots where the paint is sticking and others where the paint just will not adhere. Once you have done this then you need to use an oil primer seal that is on the expensive side because it works better than others for some reason. Apply two coats of latex color in the color that you prefer. If you use a cheaper paint then it has a quicker chance of breaking down and you will need to repeat the application again.

If you are looking to preserve your fence for a long time then you should have your fence treated by staining. Stains are not just a one size fits all, they come in a number of finishes, they have transparent, solid and semitransparent. Here is a cool fact to remember; the greater the opacity the longer the finish will last but this will also sacrifice the woods natural look.


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