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How Eco-friendly Window Dressings Will Save You Money

Controlling variables such as lighting and temperature, window coverings are a fantastic home accessory for maintaining your privacy and adding a touch of style to any room d'ccor theme. Window coverings come in a large variety of options; and while there will always be window dressings dedicated solely to style, window coverings that promote energy conservation are becoming more and more popular as our world becomes increasingly more conscious of our ecological footprint. While you can expect some eco-friendly options to be costlier upfront at installation, but over time, the amount of energy you conserve from using these eco-friendly options will save you lots of green on your energy bill.

Lighting Control

When we think of window dressings, light control is typically the first thing we associate with the common home accessory. Often purchased to keep the invasive street lamp beams or the morning sunlight out of our bedrooms in an attempt to preserve precious sleep, lighting control is also beneficial for conserving energy. If you are fortunate enough to have plenty of natural light sources in your home, you have the availability to conserve energy at your fingertips. Draw open your favorite eco-friendly window dressings and turn off unnecessary lights in your home. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you receive your next energy bill. Sun too bright on one side of the home? Window dressings are a great way to modify the amount of natural light you allow into your home. When you're ready for privacy at night, simply close all of your window dressings and youâre ready for a peaceful night's sleep not to be interrupted by the harsh morning sun.

Temperature Control

Remember how we talked about that harsh morning sun and how we can use eco-friendly window dressings to control the amount of light that enters our homes at any given time? Well, window dressings are also a great tool used to modify the temperatures of our homes. The same natural light source that brightens our home will also heat our home great if we need the warmth, not so great in the dead of summer. For those really warm days where your intent is to cool your home, blocking the suns rays will help to significantly limit the amount of heat gain your home acquires through the windows. In the winter, window dressings work opposite as an insulator to keep your homes heat inside where it is needed, minimizing heat loss.

Added Bonus: Style Options

In years past, options for eco-friendly window dressings were limited and often unaesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, the field of eco-friendly window dressings has developed and come a long way allowing for companies to expand and offer even more options that are very stylish and of the utmost quality. Meeting must-have criteria like lighting and climate control, today's eco-friendly options come in an array of beautiful prints and materials that consumers want ensuring that if you invest in eco-friendly window dressings today, you'll be glad you did for years to come.

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