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Of Mice And Men And Mice Control London

Mice control London and the whole of UK are bracing for a rat attack the size of cats.

A monstrous vermin epidemic is believed to be sweeping Great Britain as giant rats are showing up everywhere with their pictures sprawled on news blogs and social media. One image emerging from Cornwall shows a man holding a giant rat by its tail estimated to be about two feet long. Another super rat of similar length was caught in Liverpool on an industrial compound by a pest control expert from one of the countrys well-kniwn independent pest-prevention companies. The said company which has offices in London, Liverpool and Hampshire has reported a rise of monster vermin sightings. And this is just the tip of the rat trail. Other Pest Control Experts warn that UK will have more of these cat-rats scampering in alleys where garbage and discarded grub abound. The rise of super rat-sighting incidents can be attributed to the careless habits of people in disposing their trash and their take-away fast food leftovers and containers.

Offices going on holiday breaks are also cautioned by pest control experts to keep their premises protected from rat infestation. Rats are believed to be intelligent creatures able to adapt and multiply most efficiently in dry spaces that are idle and devoid of human traffic. Vacant offices are prone to such invasions. Once these rats have permeated these premises with no one to stop them, they can wreak havoc on office furniture, desks and coffee machines while building their nests to set up their colonies. Damage to properties and buildings could amount to millions of pounds. This is not counting damage to human health due to the diseases that they carry with them.

Pest Control Experts have their hands full against rodents in recent years. Over the past year, a Merseyside Exterminator has reported a significant bump in rat call-outs by 15 per cent. While business has been good for mouse-busters, they feel like they are losing the fight against vermin. According to these experts, rats have become immune to the conventional blood-thinning agent called warfarin. The first-generation rat poison worked by draining the blood of the rat and killing it. Now Pest Control Experts are relying on bromadiolone but even that is proving just as impotent in dealing with the monstrous vermin. They are appealing to the national government for more stringent measures and the expedition of a more potent third-generation poison to kill the rats. Experts believe the governments austerity measures are to be blamed in part. Their huge budget cuts for pest control have exacerbated the problem. Now, there is even a call to appoint a Rat Czar to draw up and enforce national measures before the rat problem becomes totally out of control.

While the development of a more lethal poison sounds like the more urgent priority, experts themselves agree that it may not be that easy. Existing rat poisons are already proving controversial due to their secondary poisoning risks to children, pets and wildlife. Rodents are scavengers judging by their feeding habits. They dont consume everything in one bite or gulp. They sample a small chunk first and if this proves good and safe, only then will they resume consumption.

But whatever has to be done needs to be done soon. The problem has scurried past the confines of Great Britain and encroached on neighboring areas such as Ireland. In one incident, a pest control expert managed to trap a monstrous rat that had been terrorizing an Irish Family south of Dublin.

Indeed, the longer the government procrastinates in fighting this war; the more lax restaurant and fast food joint owners become in allowing their scampering parasites to scrounge their trash bins of their junk, UK could just be headed for a serious rat race.


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