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The Importance Of Hiring A Licensed Plumber

Okay, heres the thing; its easy to accept things at face value. Books with pretty covers that gorgeous shirt on that perfectly proportioned mannequin, print ads declaring this burger to have a three-inch thick patty and fresh, crispy vegetables; sold, sold, sold. The reason is simply that not everyone has the time, patience, or know-how to conduct a thorough background study or research on the item itself.

This is why the Refunds & Returns Counter exists.

The same thing can be said, sadly, when it comes to hiring professionals for their services.

Lets say youve just finished a ten-hour work day. You come home only to find that your kitchens flooded. Theres a quarter-inch of water on the floor, and your kitchen mats are basically ruined. The culprit stands somewhere on the side, still spewing quite a bit of water. You rush over and try to fix the damage, but its no use. The pipe beneath the sink has somehow come loose, and your house will be flooded unless you get a plumber over here ASAP.

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With panic and frustration weighing heavily on your mind, do you really think you have the mental capacity left to stop and wonder; hey is this guy licensed?


A plumbing license is a certification that proves that the plumber in question has achieved several milestones:

1. Taken an exam (and passed) 2. Met the States educational requirements 3. Is legally permitted to professional plumbing services

Aside from being a sort of "proof of professionalism," a plumbing license also works as an automatic scapegoat. If for any reason at all, a plumber violates the rules while providing you service, the plumber is immediately held accountable.

There are also some State Requirements that a plumber must meet if they want to apply for a professional license. The actual application process varies from state to state, but the gist of it is:

1. Pass a licensing exam 2. Pass a criminal background check 3. File a business name 4. Show proof of commercial liability insurance


If the plumber you hired is unlicensed, you face several very real risks.

1. Pass a criminal background check. While its not up to us to judge a man based on his past, you have to admit that youd feel a lot safer knowing that the guy going into your house isnt a former serial killer or sex offender. Harsh, I know, but the possibilities have to be pointed out. 2. Pass a licensing exam. What if the unlicensed plumber learned all he needed to learn via Wikipedia and a Dummies Guide bur assurance that the professional plumber you hired actually knows what he/she is doing. 3. File a business name. Even freelance plumbers and solo plumbers have their own company or business name. It makes them easier to find on Google, Facebook, and other platforms of social media.

Long story short; when you hire a licensed professional plumber, youre assured of quality legal work done by the hands of an educated and experienced professional. So is it worth the extra time spent checking the license and bond? Absolutely.


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