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What To Expect From Air Conditioner Contractors

Did you know that the heating and cooling industry has one of the highest numbers of customer complaints? Yes, some of the air conditioner contractors might be scamming you of your hard earned cash, and the worst thing is, they dont service your air conditioner well. There are cases and complaints of an air conditioner not changing after a service, poor handling of components and some cases where the machine gets worse after servicing. It is very important to keep away from such contractors as you may incur losses when you deal with unscrupulous contractors. To avoid such scenarios, you should get a credible contractor that can be achieved by knowing what to expect from heating, ventilation, and cooling contractor. So what should you get from a contractor?

Replace air conditioner filters

Filters are very important in an air conditioning system. They prevent dust and other fine particles from getting to the coils and fins and generally the rest of the machine. After a while, these filters get clogged up with dirt over time and block the flow of air to the coils. The filters should ideally be cleaned to allow air flow. These filters can be replaced after a while by your contractor if they are deemed to be inefficient.

Refrigerant specialist

Most heating, ventilation, and cooling systems use compressor technology to cool the air flowing through the machine and to the required location. The compressor works the same as that of a refrigerator and also uses refrigerant fluid just like that of a fridge. For maintenance and servicing, the contractor should have received training and be able to deal with refrigerant fluid. He/ she should check the fluid to see if it is the correct amount. Any excess refrigerant fluid should be captured and stored; it is against the law to release refrigerant fluid to the atmosphere. The air conditioner contractors should also check for any leaks and should use the correct equipment to do so.

Check the electrical components

There is one problem that occurs in air conditioners; heating and cooling at the same time. This wastes a lot of energy and therefore money. A good contractor should check the electronic sequence of the machine to prevent this. If the problem is there, the sequence should be corrected. The contractor should also ensure that electrical terminals are okay and that all connection points are clean and working. The thermostat should also be inspected among the electrical components.

Fix existing problems

The work of an air conditioner contractor is not only to inspect the air conditioner but also to repair any damages. This is because air conditioner contractors receive training in repairing of the common types of air conditioners. If the air conditioner had broken down, the contractor should fix it and get it back to normal


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