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What You Need To Know About Plumbers Services

The majority of homeowners totally ignore emergency plumbing service until they face a major plumbing emergency. Same is true about 24-hour plumbers. But when it comes to emergencies, every second counts, which is why you must ask the following questions prior to signing up with a plumber to prevent paying for surprising fees as well as to safeguard yourself.


Ask plumbers if they are licensed to work in your city or state. Some cities do not require a license, so for those who dont have one, maybe it is simply because there was no need for it. Licensed plumber need to take and pass a written examination to test their knowledge about their chosen trade.

However, you must know that business licenses are different from plumbing licenses. Business licenses enable businesses to conduct their business in the state. It does not translate that they are skilled plumbers or have taken a licensing exam.


Plumbers need to have both a workers compensation and a liability insurance. A workers compensation comprises of lumber and employee coverage in case an injury is sustained on the job. If plumbers do not have one, homeowners shoulder the responsibility of paying for medical bills in case of accidents along with other related costs.

Meanwhile, a liability insurance covers repairs on damages incurred by a plumber. If ever a plumber damages something inside your home while he attends to you concern, the insurance coverage will take care of the damages. For plumbers without a liability insurance, homeowners will pay for al damages.

Plumbers that do not have insurance charges cheaper since they dont have to pay for expensive premiums. But such savings are insignificant in the face of an accident or an injury.

Response Time

Do not forget to ask the 24-hour plumber when hell be able to fix the issue. Such 24-hour emergency plumbers can be reached no matter what time of the day, but consider response time especially when your home is far from where the contractor is coming from. When having leaks, the longer response time can result to thousands of dollars of harm and damage to your property. If they are hours away, inquire for a 24-hour plumber closer to where you live.

Ask regarding hourly rates and determine if a certain plumber can issue quotes over the phone. A lot of plumbers do not usually give out quotes without first seeing the problem first-hand, but try to as for a ballpark amount for a certain issue.

There are 24-hour plumbers who also charge an additional service charge on top of their standard hourly rate. Generally, homeowners have to pay this charge when they go to your home regardless if they fix the issue or not.

Moreover, inquire about the accepted forms of payment. Credit cards are accepted by some whole other only accept checks.


Inquire about both parts and labors warranty. Manufacturers typically cover a parts warranty. Plumbing contractors needs to warrant their work.

Also ask if they have stocked parts with them or if they need to go to the store to get one. If there is a need to travel back and forth to the store, ask if travel time must also be paid.

When permits are required, can the plumber get one? A lot of plumbers can easily get one since they know how the process works.


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