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Understanding The Process Of Planning Applications In The Uk

If you are planning to buy a property and turn it into a business, or put a change of use on a current structure, you will need to gain an understanding of the process of planning applications throughout the United Kingdom. The nation features a uniform code for these sorts of actions, so you need to be able to understand what will help you get the approval required for you to operate legally. By taking advantage of this knowledge, you will be in a great position to help yourself and provide a planning application that is likely to meet with the approval of the planning department.

Consider these steps, so that you are best able to get the necessary change of use approval for any kind of application.

#1: Put In Your Zoning Application

The first step of the UK planning process is to submit your application to the local planning department of the council. You will need to look over this application with your lawyer and other professionals who can advise and help provide correct information and details, to make sure that there are no glaring errors. This gets the ball rolling on your project so you should make sure that it is as error-free as possible. From here, you will be able to move onto the next step of deciding upon the classification that you would like to switch your property to.

#2: Understand Which Classes You Are Able To Switch To

There are a few major classes that you might want to consider when it comes to your application process. For example, the A1 classification refers to shops. These shops might pertain to something like a florists shop or a small boutique. The A4 designation refers to pubs, bars and other places where alcoholic beverages are served. The B2 classification deals with any kind of industrial building. A C1 classification deals with areas of lodging, such as hotels, hostels and guest houses. Once you get a grip on these different classes, you will be able to understand which will apply to your particular property development.

#3: Be Ready To Undergo A Hearing

From here, it is important that you begin to prepare for a hearing. You will stand in front of your particular planning commission to explain what kind of business plan you have and why you should be able to change the use of the building you wish to develop for your business. It is important that you come to the table with a planning application map, diagrams, drawings, witnesses, engineers, lawyers and other people who will be able to help you achieve a favourable outcome during the process. This way, you will get the best chance of acceptance.

Follow these points and put your best foot forward when putting together any kind of planning change application. By handling matters in this way, you will be in a great position to get the help that you need. This guide lays out the application process, explains a little bit about the classes that you will need to rezone to and explains the importance of going through a legal zoning hearing.