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Light Up Your Life - Lighting Solutions For Your Home

Human beings rely on sight in order to make sense of their world. We are without doubt a visual species - and nowhere is this more obvious than in our homes. A dark and gloomy home is not only depressing, it also detracts from the value of the home. Given this - how do we make our homes shine?

Well here are some great ideas for lighting up your home - and your life with simple home renovation ideas.

1. Daylighting

You may not need as much electrical lighting as you might think. Allowing daylight into your home will make it warmer and more welcoming then the application of artificial light. If your designing a new home make sure that the morning light illuminates those parts of the house that are not sleeping areas. The warmth of sunlight is great - but not when you're waking up in the morning. Other parts of your home will benefit from afternoon light.

2. Choose Well - Electric Lighting

Every single home will benefit from electric lighting - you just have to learn and plan for how you use it.

Your lighting solution will depend on your lifestyle. You should always consider the function of the lighting that you have in your home. In rooms which serve a multiple of uses then you will require multiple solutions. Overhead LED solutions are great for general lighting. However, point lighting lamps are fantastic for giving a more mellow lighting solution. Try table lamps and dimmer functions on main lights to give a room that wonderful ambiance.

3. Down-lighters - Yes Or No?

Down-lighters are great for illuminating certain areas like work spaces (think kitchen surfaces). However using down-lighters in living areas may make the room gloomy. High light areas contrast with other, less illuminated areas. Rather use a low wattage bulb to illuminate large rooms - and make the best use of lamp shades.

4. Make Use Of Shades

There are a number of different light bulbs that can make your rooms shine. Choose from bulbs that give your room a warm or cool ambiance. You can choose from lights that provide cool or warm ambiance. The warm bulbs highlight or accentuate colors such as red or yellow and brown. Cool temperature bulbs make grays or green and blue the highlight of a room.

Light is incredibly important as far as the ambiance of a room is concerned. Pay attention to these details and your home will shine - ignore them and your home will retreat into the dark. Your choices will make all the difference.