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Are Plantation Shutters Easy To Clean?

If you already have or are thinking of purchasing plantation shutters then the chances are one of the main questions you will ask is if your shutters are going to be easy to clean. Even though plantation shutters are extremely hardwearing, to keep them looking at their best they do need to be maintained. The type of maintenance they need will depend on the type of material they are made from.

Regular cleaning

As part of your usual cleaning routine you shouldnt leave your shutters out assuming they will take care of themselves. The horizontal slat design allowing them to let more or less light in is only effective when you keep them clean of dust and dirt. You can do this by lightly dusting with a cloth and for any tough marks you can use a slightly damp cloth and light disinfectant without a problem.

Another way to remove dust and dirt is to use a vacuum on each side of the slats, however you should be careful in doing so and use the lightest suction setting if your vacuum allows.

Deep cleaning

Real Wood If your plantation shutters are made from real wood then using water on them could affect the material causing it to warp out of shape. The best cleaning method for wooden shutters is to spray polish directly onto a cloth to clean each slat. Any areas that are harder to reach with a cloth can be cleaned with a toothbrush.

Fake wood For fake wood shutters that are usually made from UPVC you can use water and an all-purpose cleaner to keep them in tip top condition. Mix a little of your cleaner with luke warm water and wipe the slates with a cloth. Once you have done this, wipe again with fresh water and dry them with a towel or cloth to prevent water marks. Bear in mind that should you have the shutters up in a kitchen or somewhere else where they attract more dirt than say in your living room you will need a detergent that is slightly stronger to tackle marks.

External Shutters For shutters that are located externally you are more likely to attract more dirt and grime. You will be able to take away this extra dirt by using a hose pipe with a decent amount of pressure. You may need to use a little detergent on stubborn stains, but dont overdo it.

More advice If you have noticed that your plantation shutters are becoming stiff or looser than they once were you can repair them easily by using a cross head screwdriver to adjust the tension screws. This should have your shutters working again as well as the day they were installed. Ensure that when you are opening and closing your shutters that you are gentle with the rod.

If you choose plantation shutters to decorate your windows, rest assured that they are easy enough to look after and incorporate into your usual cleaning routine. No need to hire a professional as you will more than likely already have the cleaning materials required to hand.