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Cleaning the dirtiest items in the kitchen

Not sure how to clean up the mess from the utensils? Or from your microwave oven? Dont worry. We wont require any pricey items; instead they can be cleaned by any household items. The inside of the microwave

Steam lemon juice or white vinegar works best for wiping the stains inside the microwave. Letting the steam sit is the best way as the acid in the steam removes built-up food. But then also, even heating plain water works too.

Baking sheets with grease

The best way to remove the grease from the baking sheets is to use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. With the baking soda being sprinkled plus pouring a little peroxide and then sprinkling on more baking soda and waiting for at least two to three hours. And after that, we can practically wipe it clean.

Inside the oven

Many people find it hard to clean the insides of the oven before you are tempted to get a Cleaning Company . One of the best and easiest ways to do it is to put a cup of ammonia on the top rack in a shallow dish with a pot of boiling water on the lowest. Then letting it sit overnight, the mess is wiped clean. Easy, right?

Cleaning a waffle iron

To clean a waffle iron, the best way to do it is to wrap a knife in napkin so as to clean the ridges without scratching the surface.

Cleaning the coffeemaker

White vinegar mixed with running water can be used for cleaning the coffeemaker by running it through the system, and then running plain water through the system twice more. And then, the inside of the pot needs to be scrubbed carefully with ice cubes and salt.

Cleaning the humidifier

It is a known fact that we have to run white vinegar through the humidifier system. Once we can smell the vinegar in the air, turning it off, we have to let it sit it overnight so that the acid kills the bacteria. And in the morning, until the vinegar smell is gone we have to keep running plain water through the system.

Leaving fingerprints on Stainless Steel

Keeping stainless steel free of fingerprints is easy. The reason why stainless steel gets fingerprints is because they are oxidizing. We only need a microfiber cloth to keep it clean, but first we have to scrub the area with a gentle scrubbing powder, say, baking soda, and then, we have to rinse.

Cleaning the grout

Nothing hard here. We only need an old toothbrush to gently scrub grout with a paste of hydrogen peroxide and Borax.

Cleaning the kitchen walls

Been eyeing the food stains on the kitchen walls? Now is the best way to do it. A rag dabbed with rubbing alcohol best wipes grease on the kitchen walls as it cuts grease and oil. However, one point which is to be noted is that there should be no open flames when we clean. Another way is to mix alcohol with baking soda as the alcohol cuts grease with the baking soda scrubbing the stuck-on spots.

Cleaning the carpet stains

Carpet stains are not that hard to remove. We only need to dab a little club soda on the stain, and if doesnt work, then we can spray hydrogen peroxide along with water to lift the stains and then, finally absorbing with a clean towel.

Cleaning the kitchen rubbish bin

Before the rubbish bin starts to smell, it is for the best that the bin needs to be taken outside and spray it with a hose and then letting it dry outside. And yes, one point which is to be remembered is that a paste of baking soda caked-on dirt should be used before spraying.

Flat surfaces

No matter what the surfaces are, be it countertops, tables, walls or even fiberglass, stainless appliances, Mr. Clean eraser sponges cleans them all. And of course, the kitchen sink too, without stripping the surface or leaving residue.


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